5 Ways To Eliminate Dog Dandruff

By gear, April 3, 2019

Your dog’s skin and coat need to be in optimum condition to keep them happy and prevent scratching. The itching caused by dandruff can cause dogs to scratch their fur and skin off, leaving them vulnerable to infection. The 5 tips below should help clear up your dog’s symptoms.

1.Use either baby shampoo, or an oatmeal wash. Since dog dandruff is caused by a lack of the natural oils that are supposed to be on their skin, you don’t want to make the problem worse by using a harsh shampoo that will further strip those precious oils. If neither of those works, buy a dog shampoo that is made for sensitive skin or dandruff.

2.To prevent dog dandruff from getting worse, or even starting to begin with, you need to make sure their diet is in check. Dandruff is almost always caused by a lack of fatty acids, or other essentials that your dog needs to produce an adequate amount of skin oil. By premium over generic, or better yet: Holistic dog foods will have all the nutrition they need.

3.Stop bathing them so much. Some people bath their dog so much that of course; they wash away the skin oils mentioned already. It all comes down to how much protective oil they have on their skin and too much bathing, even with high quality moisturizing shampoo needs to be avoided.

4.There are supplements on the market that contain supplements for your dogs diet, primarily fatty acids that will help prevent dog dandruff and keep your dog’s coat shiny and beautiful.

5.If dandruff persists, you must get to the veterinarian or animal care specialist. A dog’s coat and skin health can normally give you an idea of their general health. If they have dandruff, that won’t go away and their is no real reason for them to have the condition: They may have a serious health problem that has to be addressed and treated.

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