Bangladesh on Afghanistan’s Chessboard

By gear, August 20, 2018

We all bleed when we remember the loss of 1971 war with India when our Eastern part was dislocated and became Bangladesh. From that shameful era when our 90000 soldiers were taken as Prisoners of War by India and then in 1974 whenIndia tested its first Nuclear Bomb, Pakistanis came a long way ahead leaving all the painful memories behind and regrouped as one of the big military power of the region.


Since long, there have been a general understanding that whatever happened in 1971 it had to happen one day or another. Many also think that Bangladesh’s independence did not hurt Pakistan much as that part was not defendable in any full scale war. I do not agree to both the above notions. Countries that have strong governing system can protect their Islands and other installations that are thousands of miles away from their main territory, so why can’t we accept that it was our failure of governance that led Bangladesh dislocate. Even if anybody thinks that leaving Bangladesh issue behind would be a better choice and some even take a step further in finding consolation by saying that whatever happened in the past, now Bangladesh is a Muslim country and the member of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), my stance is totally different. Bangladesh was created to hurt Pakistan and keep hurting whenever it is required.


The formation of pro Indian Government of Sheikh Haseena Wajid and a Military coup that led many soldiers of Bangladesh Rifle die in 2009 created a new dimension in the politics of that country. The Bangladeshi/Indian intelligence reports suspected ISI’s role in this coup and created a sense of insecurity among the people loyal to Indian agenda inside Bangladesh. The changes in the ranks in the Bangladesh Military were then triggered and pro Pakistan Officers were replaced. It is most serious thing to note that in order to acquire assurances from USA and India to provide strong support to the Government, Sh. Haseena Wajid may had agreed to give certain relaxations and volunteered cooperation on serious issues concerning with the war on terror. This is now becoming visible by the recent steps by the Bangladeshi Government.


The sense of insecurity due to existence of so called Islamic extremist forces like Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh, Harkatul Jihad al Islami, Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh and Shahadat-e al Hikma, led Sh. Haseena  accept certain demands of USA that included the inclusion of Bangladeshi people in the notorious military contractors company Blackwater or Xe. Bangladesh is also all set to send its troops to Afghanistan to fight along with NATO against the freedom fighters and Taliban. It is also extremely dangerous to note that the sentiments of Bengali nationalists will be used against Pakistan too who are already brainwashed about the alleged brutality of Pakistan Army during 1971 war. Pakistan and its Military establishment should not overlook this present development. Pakistani media and the Intelligence should closely observe the activities of Xe inPhilippines where thousands of Indian and Bangladeshis are being trained for onward deployment inAfghanistan and probably in Pakistantoo.


Recently a clear warning from Taliban to Bangladesh displays the intensity of this matter. The undue dragging of Bangladesh into this war on terror has some ugly designs behind that will create havoc in that country which is still not harmed with the fumes of terror. The chessboard seems all set whenBangladesh would fall into the trap set for it and it will be in the best favor of India and USA in particular to pierce their teeth on the neck ofBangladesh’s independent status.


In short, the negative factors of dislocation of East Pakistan are now becoming visible and after almost 4 decades Bangladesh is being used against the sovereignty of Pakistan more dangerously but openly. The presence of Bangladeshi troops inside Afghanistan will not fulfill any agenda that would be favorable to our Country. The issue is serious and demands urgent and thoughtful attention for every Pakistani.

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