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By gear, February 25, 2019

Has long been regarded as “chipping away” of the foundry industry in Tianjin Ninghe by grafting new technologies, develop new products and defense, thus breaking a new world, becoming farmers fortune to get rich “golden rice bowl.” Up to now, the county has reached more than 70 foundry companies, attracting more than 5,000 rural surplus labor force, the annual output value of more than 500 million yuan.

It is understood that Ninghe the foundry industry has a long history, the last century, that is, Tianjin, state-owned sewing machine factory parts production base of medium and large enterprises, but when casting obsolete equipment, mostly for the traditional “barrel stove” production, Not only is difficult to guarantee product quality, but also seriously polluted the environment.

Since last year, the county actively encourage technology enterprises to transform, and resolutely eliminate “small smelting”, there have been more than 100 small-scale foundry enterprises were closed, Wing-heng Group, Bao Yi Company, Hyde companies, a number of assets in 10 million yuan above the backbone enterprises in the fierce market competition, advanced technologies come to the fore, “barrel stove” is also an advanced automatic production line imported casting, spectral detector and other advanced instruments and equipment replacement, product precision not ask for much from the past of agricultural products, sewing machine frame, gas stove rack into a car, refrigerator, air-conditioning accessories and submersible pump, submersible pump and other high-precision casting products.

According to reports, a large oil field all over the Northeast there is no demand at home and abroad to buy the deep oil drilling equipment, even a farmer in the county-run casting factory bought. Mercedes-Benz brake pads for the global tender casting products such as cars, finally selected a home run here in foundries.

Today, the county produced more than 200 kinds of casting products in the best-selling nation, it is also exported to more than 30 countries on five continents and regions, and to become Germany’s high-tech Mercedes-Benz cars, such as China, Changchun FAW-known enterprises at home and abroad parts production base.

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