How To Be Uid Compliant With Mil-std-129

By gear, August 19, 2018

What is mil std 129?

Mil std 129 is a set of standards used by the Department of Defense to ensure the proper marking, tracking, and identification of all military property. All items under the control of the Department of Defense, including anything in the possession of independent contractors, must be given a permanent and durable mark in order to be UID compliant. Jet City Laser works to make sure that all of your business’ transactions with the DoD will maintain compliance with current mil std 129 standards.

What are the details of UID compliance according to mil std 129?

Mil std 129 has several new specifications for the marking of UID compliant items and much of the changes that have been incorporated, allow Jet City Laser to implement more efficient UID scanner and imaging technology. Jet City Lasers range of marking equipment produces the barcodes that are central to Dod UID compliance. Ideally, each item should have an MRI (Machine Readable Identification) marking on it, which is preferably a 2D Data Matrix barcode. The marking should be applied to a metal or stiff plastic identification plate, or directly marked on the part with an etching technology, or a suitable substitute, such as dot peen, ink jet, or even laser marking solutions. Some items may not have enough open space, or a suitable surface for marking. In the absence of a suitable location to use an MRI marking, other marking systems may be used, with the most essential information being marked first. This includes the Enterprise Identifier and PIN number, among other information. If there is no space at all for a UID mark, then the packaging can actually be used. For some equipment mil std 129 specifies that free text marking be used instead of machine readable marking. There are also certain other exceptions, such as COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) items, which are already clearly marked with manufacturer barcodes and other designations. However, Jet City Laser’s machine readable coders produce markings that are preferable to human-readable marking whenever possible.

How can Jet City Laser assist with your mil std 129 UID compliance?

With reliably MRI marked items, the right UID scanning and imaging technology can help avoid all of these complexities, which can be tremendously helpful. UID compliance, especially with the existing mil std 129 standard, is incredibly important. The details of UID scanning and imaging technology must be dealt with and integrated into business processes, because they are able to provide a tremendous advantage in speed and accuracy. The correct process for UID compliance according to mil std 129 is an essential, but very involved process, and the experts at Jet City Laser are the best place to turn to for help.

Jet City Laser manufactures UID registry, UID namplates & also offers other UID services. Customers receive verification reports for each UID barcode, assuring 100% compliance to the quality standards of MIL-STD-129.

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