Why Captain Is Pronounced Kaptaan In India

In Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, and other Indian languages the word “Kaptaan” was a common mispronunciation for the military rank of Captain from the English language. It’s strange that this should be so—-for today’s generation of Indians would pronounce Captain as either “Cap-tin” or “Cape-ton”. It is not well-known even to students of Indian History that […]

SOS Sent Out To “Support Our Solders”

A group of concerned and innovative companies and one private university have developed a four phase program called Support Our Soldiers (SOS) to assist Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans in transitioning into a productive civilian life. The first two phases of the program include a 9 day family based camp that involves the entire […]

High Quality Clothing For Outdoor Use: Patagonia Clothing

If you love the outdoor life, then you will understand completely the importance of wearing the correct type of clothing for different weathers. In winter, you understand that it is important to stay as warm as possible, but minimise perspiration after all, perspiration cools quickly in winter, making you even colder that you should be. […]

Vintage Rings – Highly Recommended And Qualitative

Vintage rings are the most beautiful and the ethnic jewelry pieces having different class and style. Although these jewelry pieces are from different era yet these are popular because of their designs and purity of the metal. These rings are unique and are high in quality because of detailed designing and heavy work. These rings […]

Priceless 14k White Gold Anniversary Rings from Royaldesignonline

Atlanta, (GA) January 4th, 2011: Royal Design is an Atlanta based online jewelry store that brings to its customers this New Year a dazzling collection of anniversary rings that would surely remind your soul mate how much you love and care for her. Other than anniversary rings, you could also choose from the wide range […]

Pointers to Help you Find Attractive Ski Gear Deal

Skiing is certainly a very expensive hobby. You want to splurge all your salary and savings to buy good ski equipment but sometimes, all what you crave is – a good deal. Here, we are presenting some good old tips, times and seasons where you can buy good ski gears without the fear of facing […]

Titanium Rings – Your Guide To Various Styles

Titanium is the strongest metal known to man. This is one reason it makes a great wedding ring. It will outlast your marriage no matter how long you stay married. It’s the ultimate expression of forever that gives new meaning to “…until death you do part.” Titanium rings are fast becoming popular for many couples […]

A Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood

How the Muslim Brotherhood was established and what are its main ideologies? Is this movement different than the current movements that carry its banners and had military tendencies? How does the West in general and the United States in particular see and deal with this movement? The Muslim Brotherhood, the best known and widespread movement […]

Ruby Rings The Perfect Gift For Someone Special

Are you thinking of the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season? Ruby rings could be the answer if you want to gift something unique and special. Jewelry has always been a source of fascination for women. Be it any occasion and be it from anybody, they could not help but appreciate a […]

Laser Pointer, Gehenna Green Laser Pointer Makes You A Shining Star

People always feel it a nice deal if it is a gadget that can be multi-functional. Thus, Gehenna series green laser pointer would be the gadget. For all lovers of laser gadgets, there will never regret that you have received this multifunctional gadget. Usually the majority of men would like to choose a higher power […]