Mount Victoria ? Rising Above Auckland’s North Shore

Relatively quiet and rather unassuming, Auckland is a place of sweeping green landscapes and volcano hills. A sprawling, lush, suburb; this city is New Zealand’s largest and most diverse metropolis. A large Asian population amicably rubs shoulders with a larger Polynesian one. Aucklanders’ affinity for open spaces and spacious houses meant that the city itself […]

Lines, and cracks and holes, oh my! How to patch your pool

Your pool is starting to show some wear and tear, how do you address it? Do you need to call in a professional to patch it or can you do it yourself? It depends – on whether you want to undertake the task or let your pool maintenance professional tackle it. If you decide that it’s […]

Holy Trinity of domain names ? COM, NET and org

When I have the Internet in the late ’80s there were not many top-level domains. Had. Gov for the government of the United States. MIL for the army of the Soviet Union. NET for groups linked to the network. Edu for educational institutions. COM for commercial, J. ORG for any other type of organization. And […]

Dave Matthews Band Tickets – Gearing Up For A Hiatus From The Road

It seems hard to fathom that the 2011 concert schedule will be missing one very important act. The Dave Matthews Band has practically been a staple on the concert circuit during the summer months, a tradition that was started way back in the 1990s when they first got their start in the industry. Next year, […]

Diamond Solitaire Rings Available in Different Shapes

Whenever people think of an engagement ring, most of them think to buy diamond solitaire rings as these have been the perfect example of true love. With the changing styles, designs of rings and numerous engagement ring options, diamond solitaire rings are still the number one choice for engagement rings. The solitaire is not only […]

Best Survival Knife: How to Choose the Right One

So, you have just been convinced to go camping by your friends.  You have bought most of the essentials that you would need for the trip.  Last on your list is the survival knife.  You are told that you really need to have one, not only for this trip, but for your personal use as […]

Hockey Goalie Needs To Wear Especial Protective Gears

There are amount of different variations of hockey. And every type of hockey is exciting and drastic sport. It has captured more and more fanatic fans of all ages. Hockey is most commonly placed on the ice; however, hockey can be played as street hockey or inline roller hockey. No matter which type of hockey […]

IRS Assumes AMT Patch Even Before Congress Changes the Law

In unprecedented action, the IRS has jumped the gun and changed its Alternative Minimum Tax form – Form 6251 – to reflect the current estimate of what the AMT exemption amount would be if and when Congress enacts this year’s AMT patch.   Individual taxpayers should proceed with some caution at this point, however, until […]

How to Fish Patch Reefs in the florida Keys

Patch reefs are small coral reef formations inside of the main barrier reef.Most of the patch reefs are 5 to 15 feet deep and 100 feet or less in size, and most are accessable with a small boat.Fishing patch reefs are a good way to start out fishing in the keys,and learn the techniques of […]

Radio Dynamo – Could Your Survival Hing On a Radio Dynamo?

Radio Dynamo – the Emergency Radio You Need When it comes to survival in times of emergencies, tragedies or just plain convenience the radio dynamo can either be a lifesaver or it can be a total nice thing to have on hand. These handy little do-dads got their first breath of life way back in […]