Gears Make the World Go Round

Gears are those circular discs with teeth on them that can be found in almost any moving machine. They’ve been around since the days of Aristotle, and used for a variety of purposes from turn the wheels on your bicycle to generating electricity in large turbines. But how do gears really work? What makes gears […]

Natural Food For Dogs

Natural Food For Dogs There is a huge surplus in natural food for dogs today. People are finally starting to understand the importance and benefits of feeding their dog healthy food. While many manufacturers make decent dry and wet natural dog food, they are not always truly natural. These store bought foods must have additives […]

The Most Essential Beach Gear

Are you planning to spend your weekend on the beach? If yes, then carrying the right beach gear is a must to make your weekend most enjoyable. Your beach gear should have all the items that you will need at the beach. Beach essories, such as beach chairs, beach blankets, towels and umbrellas, are highly […]

Self Defense Survival – Getting Your Mind Right, Part 1

Anyone who has trained extensively with Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour USMC (Guided Chaos 6th Degree) will recall one of his favorite admonishments (along with “I will decapitate you” and “Ooh, don’t let me do that”): “You gotta get your mind right!!!” Let’s explore what he means by that. For this article, we will be addressing […]

Camping With Baby – 5 Survival Tips

If you dream of bringing your baby on your next family camping trip – you probably have visions of the baby snuggled in a blanket while the rest of your family roasts marshmallows around the campfire. Now picture the same scene, but with the baby piercing the peaceful night air with her inconsolable screams. The […]

Newborn Necessities – Gear & Supplies For a Baby’s First Weeks

The task of shopping for your first baby can be exciting and overwhelming. It is hard to distinguish between the “wants” and the “needs” and extremely hard to stay focused on your first trip to Babies “R” Us. Below you will find a list for baby gear, toys, feeding, & sleeping. I do not address […]

Fear Training For Self-defense Survival

How Closely Can You Simulate Real Terror in Effective Self-Defense Training? I get this sort of question a lot:“Although I have been studying Aikido for almost 18 years I never felt confident that I would be able to deal with the initial surge of adrenalin from the realization of actually being attacked. It is kind […]

Cubic Zirconia Rings – Look of a Diamond – Fraction of the Price

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they aren’t the friend to the checking account. Since CZ so closely resembles the diamond, it is a popular gemstone used in jewelry such as rings, earring, pendants and bracelets. Cubic Zirconia Rings offer the beauty of a diamond for only a portion of the cost.  Some […]

History of Dressage Horses

Since the time of the early Greeks, horses have been used in military maneuvers. This early use of the horse brought about the need for extensive training before they could be maneuverable enough to be considered military ready. The training and discipline these horses endured was documented by the early Greek General Xenophon, who wrote […]

Deeper Insight on Gear Materials

Gear is a mechanical device to transmit rotational motion or to change the speed. Gears find a great use in any mechanical device. In olden days gears were made with wooden wheels. As technology has progressed a long way since then, modern involutes are being used in the making of gears. Gear manufacturing is generally […]