A Series of Exercises to Show the Concept of War

A Series of Exercises to Show the Concept of War   Spent “more than a country’s combat capability,” the United States and Han Huanghai joint military exercises ended on December 1, followed by “exercises 6 times bigger than South Korea,” the US-Japan joint military exercises began debut. But it is beginning the United States, Japan […]

Going Primal With MMA Fight Gear

Let’s face it, all human beings sometimes get that deep, driving urge just to tear something to pieces. It is natural. However, whether you are taking out those violent tendencies on another person, or on some unsuspecting inanimate object, it is always a good idea to have some fighting gear, like the MMA Fight Gear […]

SMEs Recession Survival Tips (Part 3)

Save Money and Strengthen Business Position In the previous two articles we highlighted how small and medium size businesses need to get to grips with their current financial situation and covered a few ways to improve their cash flow plus how SMEs can adapt to the recession and win contracts and sales to further strength their […]

Selection of a Sleeping Bag For Your Survival Kit

Most of the active survivalists which I know have some sort of sleeping bag in their “Box of Goodies” in the event that they would need to rough it on a possible bug out event. As a rule, it would be wise to selection a sleeping bag which is effective to at least zero degrees, […]

Gears Make the World Go Round

Gears are those circular discs with teeth on them that can be found in almost any moving machine. They’ve been around since the days of Aristotle, and used for a variety of purposes from turn the wheels on your bicycle to generating electricity in large turbines. But how do gears really work? What makes gears […]

Natural Food For Dogs

Natural Food For Dogs There is a huge surplus in natural food for dogs today. People are finally starting to understand the importance and benefits of feeding their dog healthy food. While many manufacturers make decent dry and wet natural dog food, they are not always truly natural. These store bought foods must have additives […]

The Most Essential Beach Gear

Are you planning to spend your weekend on the beach? If yes, then carrying the right beach gear is a must to make your weekend most enjoyable. Your beach gear should have all the items that you will need at the beach. Beach essories, such as beach chairs, beach blankets, towels and umbrellas, are highly […]

Self Defense Survival – Getting Your Mind Right, Part 1

Anyone who has trained extensively with Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour USMC (Guided Chaos 6th Degree) will recall one of his favorite admonishments (along with “I will decapitate you” and “Ooh, don’t let me do that”): “You gotta get your mind right!!!” Let’s explore what he means by that. For this article, we will be addressing […]

Camping With Baby – 5 Survival Tips

If you dream of bringing your baby on your next family camping trip – you probably have visions of the baby snuggled in a blanket while the rest of your family roasts marshmallows around the campfire. Now picture the same scene, but with the baby piercing the peaceful night air with her inconsolable screams. The […]

Newborn Necessities – Gear & Supplies For a Baby’s First Weeks

The task of shopping for your first baby can be exciting and overwhelming. It is hard to distinguish between the “wants” and the “needs” and extremely hard to stay focused on your first trip to Babies “R” Us. Below you will find a list for baby gear, toys, feeding, & sleeping. I do not address […]