Best Survival Food is Whatever the Weevils Can Not Get to IMO!

What do we look for in finding the best survival food for our own individual situation…? My pet peeve is finding weevils and bugs in my food storage, so to me the best survival food is whatever will last for years with no fear of that! 🙂 How LONG and How MANY? How long do […]

What You Need to Learn about Estradiol Patch

  Are you going through menopause? Do you feel any discomfort down there? Go and seek medical help and ask what can be done to relieve you of the burning sensation and dryness that you feel in your vagina. Do not be shy to talk to your physician about your condition. You need help so […]

roles that units can ample in Warhammer 40,000

When it comes to Warhammer 40,000 and amplitude abyssal armies, your traveling to see lots of appropriate marines units in their armies. These units authority objectives and ample lots of added roles. Amplitude Wolves adaptation of the appropriate abyssal is alleged the Blah Hunters. This commodity will allocution about Blah Hunters compared to accustomed appropriate […]

As Early As 9 O’clock: White For The Falling Export Surplus Of The Ministry Of Industry Worry Lcd

Not think of the gifted students as home appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines that white actually has three large decline in exports, it looks as economic crisis continues to affect more than Gateway appliance industry in China … … News Focus: Chinese Customs: Air conditioning Refrigerator Washing the slide in exports Abstract: Recent data […]

UID Registry ? A Helping Aid In The Armory of DoD

Everyone who has purchased items from a military surplus or otherwise done business with the department of defense is well familiar with UID numbers, also known as “Unique Item Identifier.” This combination of numbers and letters is a unique identifier which is attached to each particular item that the military may purchase or need. While […]

Changing gears: an Audi showroom shows the way

AT NIGHT if you are driving along the M50 you can pick out Audi North Dublin by its row of LED lights shining through the top storey showroom windows. In daylight this huge building resembles a patchwork quilt because of signage belonging to other businesses that share part of this big square building. To gain […]

Survival Tips When Relocating and Things You Need to Know

When I was relocating to Smyna Ga. it was very hard to adapt to a big city and going out in all that traffic trying to find a job. Utilizing temporary agencies, that was very tough I soon found out that life is tough and in order for me to make it and survive I […]

Marketing Success Strategies – Leveraging Your Brand, the Key to Survival

Stop operating in a vacuum and realize that you are part of a team of vendors, suppliers, and service specialists who deliver a product to the consumer. The key is to create your own team rather than allow the consumer to shop for each resource. This is called leveraged branding. It could be a joint […]

Survival Kits in All Shapes & Sizes

A survival kit that can fit into your pocket? Well, yes, it’s possible, as long as you really have the essentials, such as a nice loud whistle to signal for help, or to scare away a wild animal. You will also want a small compass; so that you can tell in which direction you are […]

German Memories – Roman Rule in Germania

During the year 7 B.C., the Romans had to put down only smaller unrest in some places and they didn’t need to engage in any major combat operations, since the exhausted Germanic tribes mostly respected the peace and recognized the Roman rule. The newly-conquered area was secured with army routes and camps. In the winter, […]