Bangladesh on Afghanistan’s Chessboard

We all bleed when we remember the loss of 1971 war with India when our Eastern part was dislocated and became Bangladesh. From that shameful era when our 90000 soldiers were taken as Prisoners of War by India and then in 1974 whenIndia tested its first Nuclear Bomb, Pakistanis came a long way ahead leaving all the painful memories behind and […]

Do You Know What the Most Negative Source is Today?

Did you ever stop to think that watching the news breeds negativity? In reality it is the most negative source on television! The news and the media are only interested in making money. Most of the information that is being broadcast isn’t even true and they do this for their benefit. Of course the benefit […]

The Internet: Changing The Way The World Does Business

A long time ago, the Internet was conceived as a top-secret military project consisting of a stable and interconnected network of computers. It was something that was not for the consumption of everyone until someone decided to give it a shot on the civilian scale. Since then, the Internet has proven to be a popular […]

Ski Gear Three Layers Of Protection To Keep You Warm And Dry

When you have decided to go for a ski trip you should check out what ski gear would you need there. When you have to buy ski gear especially for your kids, keep in mind the factors that are extremely important. Depending on the temperature of the place you need a thermal body shirt or […]

How To Be Uid Compliant With Mil-std-129

What is mil std 129? Mil std 129 is a set of standards used by the Department of Defense to ensure the proper marking, tracking, and identification of all military property. All items under the control of the Department of Defense, including anything in the possession of independent contractors, must be given a permanent and […]

Home Remedies For Eczema – 8 Tips That Work Quickly

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin in which the patches of skin may be red, itchy and flake off. The cause of this disease is unknown as it can occur on any part of the body but is typically found on the arms, knees, elbows and knees. If you’re looking for natural treatments for […]

Surviving Stress

Stress has become a pervasive force in our lives. Today many of us are living life in the fast lane – running around from one commitment to the next with no time to relax, and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Our modern day stresses have become so constant that many of us do not even […]

Brave Gifts For Brave Soldiers- Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Armed Forces

For spouses that will not be able to celebrate Valentines Day with their husbands or wives serving in the military overseas, it can be a sad and trying time for them to celebrate a holiday that is centered on being together as a couple. While the romance of Valentines between lovers is captured in Cupid’s […]

Metal Storage Buildings – Perfect For Organization

Are you upset that you do not have storage space in order to fit your extra belongings? Do you wish that you could find a way to keep your house cleaner from all of the unnecessary belongings that you have that are lying around and impeding your organization? There are is a solution for all […]

Common Psoriasis Home Remedy

If you have been getting scaly red, dry patches on your body then you have psoriasis. Whether psoriasis is an infection or an allergy is not yet clear. A person suffering from psoriasis not only aggravates a person but also makes the person very self- conscious. In some severe cases, the person ends up wearing […]