Diesel Engine: A High Performance Engine Used in Heavy Loaded and Military Vehicles

Diesel Engine: A High Performance Engine Used in Heavy Loaded and Military Vehicles In theory diesel engines and gasoline engines are similar. They are both internal combustion motors. The working principle is to convert chemical energy to mechanical energy. The chemical energy available in diesel and gasoline changes to mechanical energy. This mechanical energy moves […]

Titanium Rings with Anodizing

Anodizing is a process that adds color to an object made in titanium. It is a different process than what is used in aluminum anodizing, where dyes are added to an oxide layer. In titanium anodizing, an electrical current is applied to a conductive bath, and the object, such as a ring is suspended on […]

A Closer Look Into Army At Circulated Defense Magazine

The protection of their sovereign boundaries is a huge concern of the 44 countries populating the Asian continent. Since the major countries in the Asian continent follow the socialist economy or a combination of the socialist and capitalist economy, they did not collapse with the global economic recession. Of course they all had to tighten […]

Keeping Your Military Marriage Strong Despite Prolonged Deployments or Injuries

“Commitment is just that: commitment; for better or for worse.” Our commitment level in many arenas is being tested – none more so than in our military marriages. While the Army can proudly claim that they have fewer divorces than their counterparts in the civilian world, this claim is quickly being challenged by the record […]

Hawthorn A Great Survival Food

As autumn sets in, the harvest yield of wild plants and foods begins its steep decline.  However, fall is one of the best times for gathering of many of the berries and roots that can be stored over winter. One of the most beneficial, yet least tasty berries is the hawthorn. Hawthorn shrubbery is not […]

Newest Pepper Spray Users-state Corrections Officers And Military Police

You may already know that postal carriers across the country carry pepper spray for their first line of defense against dog attacks. You may also know that every police officer in the country carries a pepper spray as part of his arsenal of self defense products. Most police officers carry a taser or some kind […]

Boot Camp Fitness – How to Get Ripped With Military Boot Camp Workouts

If you’re looking for a high intensity workout that will keep your body physically fit, then boot camp fitness is the workout routine for you. Boot camp fitness provides weight loss, strengthening and endurance, cardio, balance, flexibility, fat loss and overall body conditioning all in one heart pumping routine. Boot camp fitness is very fast […]

Roger Hamilton-One Man Army for Wealth Creation

Seldom does a time come in your life when you are extremely and urgently running after money. And that happens when you are full of energy, vigor, and passion. It is really important to know that once you are ready to run, you should be running in the manner as well as path that are […]

Top Two Urban Survival Knives

So the chances of you getting air dropped on the top of mountain in Belize (like Bear Grylls) is pretty slim. But you want a knife that will serve you well if the world all of a sudden turns upside-down. Well, you’ve come to the right place. First of all, you don’t want to look […]

Golf Clothing

Here in the UK we tend to see that golfers who have all of the gear at club level tend to be showing off they can afford great and expensive equipment which in turn tends to be frowned upon by fellow golfers. So is looking good on the course a psychological problem that will make […]