Types of Sapphire Rings

If you think that diamond rings are too common to be given as engagement rings then you  would be glad to know that various other options are also available in the market. One out of the plenty of options present is Sapphire rings. These rings offer versatility and this is the reason why they attract […]

Custom Patches Are A Quick Identification Tool For Many

Custom patches have been an important part of society for decades. Police officers, soldiers, firefighters, Scouts and many others depend on embroidered custom patches as part of their uniforms, a way to identify themselves to others. In fact, custom patches are a part of both official and unofficial uniforms the world over. They are a […]

5.11 Boots – Ultimate Tactical Boots That Offer Unparalleled Performance

Although there are a number of leading manufacturers who make quality boots, the 5.11 boots are simply unmatched in terms of quality and performance as well. These are boots that have all the necessary features and are hence the most sought after tactical boots. Even in the toughest situations and the most rugged terrains, these […]

It’s Time “to Humanize” Myanmar’s Current Military Junta Government

In mid-August 2007, a decision by the government to sharply raise fuel prices led to a new round of street protests. After small demonstrations by students, the situation turned more serious when large numbers of the country’s Buddhist monks, who are widely revered, joined in. To take measures against these civil uprisings, the Military Junta […]

Waterproof 8-Inch Tactical 5.11 Boots for the Unparalleled Performance

5.11 boots offer a lot in terms of quality as well as performance, which is one reason why the brand is respected so much. These boots are lightweight, which is important for tactical operations or missions that can last a very long time. Complementing the weight, is the breathability of these boots too. With full […]

What Kind of Life Could a Military Family Experience in Iceland?

What kind of living conditions could a person serving in the U.S. Navy expect to find in Iceland? In my last article I described my life in London for 3 years as a member of the U.S. Navy. After that tour of duty I left the U.S. Navy and returned home to Oil City, Pennsylvania […]

Factors that influence the design of army boots

If you are a patriotic at heart, you must have saluted the army each time they save your country from even the smallest of terrors. These are the people for whom terror is more than a mere six letter word. They live through tough situations, brave the roughest of weathers and handle the toughest of […]

Looking for engagement rings

Many people believe that copper Top quality Gucci Necklaces, as well as turquoise and jasper, has health and energy benefits for the wearer, although these claims have not been scientifically proven. At the very least, wearing jewelry made from these sources may cause positive benefits from personal beliefs and because the wearer feels adorned and […]

Cool Toddler Clothing

It would seem that regardless of our genre, the older we get the less “trendy” or “cool” we get. However, that isn’t to say that we aren’t able to find those cool duds for our children; as our tastes haven’t truly changed much, have they? Its inevitable that as your child grows up, that you […]

5.11 Tactical Boots – Excellent Features for better functionality

The 5.11 tactical boots boast of a series of impressive features to keep your feet comfortable in spite of putting them on for long hours. There are boots with composite safety toes as well as without them. In fact, some boots have a toe reinforcement and semi rigid heel for special protection to the feet, […]