Military Specification Fasteners – Why They Are Important To A Lot Of Industries

Constructing buildings, bridges, and even vehicles are all possible with help from fasteners that keep every part attached to one another. Fasteners can actually be considered as the “unsung heroes” of construction because they basically hold everything together. Without them, bridges and skyscrapers would tumble down. Even vehicles like racecars depend a lot on fasteners […]

After First Military Strike – Now What?

Today’s major conflicts consist of a hard fought a quick paced battle for the higher ground, indeed currently the highest ground is already owned by NATO forces and the United States and that would include Space. Yes, space, that is to say the satellites that help coordinate communication and the flow of information to the […]

Buying Navy Challenge Coins: An Introduction

Military coins, as the name suggests, bear symbols synonymous to the armed forces and are used to represent one’s association with a fraternity. They were initially given out as a token of honor and appreciation. . Today military coins serve as mementos of patriotism and may be bought online. There are challenge coins dedicated to […]

Scout Patches Reward Scouts Who Reach Their Goals

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts emphasize ideals of personal fitness, citizenship training and character development. Scout patches are issued to recognize the achievements of boys and girls as they strive to reach the noble goals of their respective organizations. From Cub Scout or Brownie to adult, Scouts work to earn embroidered Scout patches or merit […]

Survival First Aid Kits

There are a few important elements that will be a vital part of any survival first aid kits you may pack for use at your home or at the office: The case for your survival first aid kits will be important, as the durability of the case will determine if your first aid supply will […]

Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are something few people give any thought to. However, if you have kids you do have to pay attention to them at least once a year. In the UK, and across much of Europe, schools ask parents to label up their children’s belongings. It helps to settle disputes over who items belong to […]

Diamond Rings And Diamond Shapes

Diamond rings have come into their own. While always a choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, today they are also a choice as a right finger ring, and there are all kinds of diamond shapes to choose from. Let’s have a look at a few. Round Brilliant – The round brilliant is the modern […]

Penfield Clothing

Clothing for men and women, including brands such as Armor Lux, Fred Perry, YMC, Nudie Jeans Co, Adidas Originals, Lyle & Scott, Baracuta, Penfield and more   Mr Tsunemi had a passion for denim, which inspired him to import them directly from the United States as no denim was manufactured in Japan at that time. […]

Top Ten Military Movies 2000-2009

Ready for a fight? Want to watch the best war movies that debuted in the past nine years? Here are the Real Military Network’s pick for the best War films of the past nine years: 1. Gladiator (2000): For the quintessential story of a Roman soldier, the fictional General Maximus Decimus Meridius played by Russell […]

Selecting The Right Kayaking Gear Online

Choosing the perfect kayaking gear is important when you want to have a safe and enjoyable kayaking expedition. Apart from buying this gear from reputed and reliable stores, you also need to know how to store and maintain the stuff. There is nothing worse than going out in your kayak and realizing that some equipment […]