The Wonderful World Of Desert Boots

By gear, August 21, 2018

Desert boots have many different names but generally military boots, monkey boots, and turf boots all refer to the same style of shoe. They are distinguishable from other types of footwear, firstly because they are a boot, secondly because they have relatively few eyelets, and thirdly because they manufactures model the boots on those worn by the British Armed Forces. As the name implies, the army developed this particular style of military boot for desert conditions, as such, they provide great comfort when worn in hot weather, providing a high degree of breathability as well as being extremely resilient and hardwearing. By way of fashion, these boots became popular after the WWII, they tend to wax and wane in popularity but today, they feature highly in contemporary fashions.

The desert climate meant that soldiers needed to keep their feet cool and dry during the day to avoid problems foot rot yet needed the shoes to be sturdy enough to endure hard wear and tear during their manoeuvres. The ankle height ensures that feet do not become excessively warm and yet equally ensure the shoes are well supportive of the foot.

These shoes now come in a wide range of styles but traditionally, the army used soft leathers such as calfskins or suede from which to fashion the boots. As a material, leather is extremely useful in the manufacturing of shoes, this is because it is malleable, breathable and yet it is also incredibly tough no synthetic material comes close to matching the versatile nature of leather, leather is truly nature at its best. During the 1950s and 1960s, footwear designers became increasingly creative in the type of animal skins used in the production of desert boots, and examples of crocodile skinned boots, and snake skinned boots were common. Nowadays, we frown upon the use of exotic skins in clothing but synthetic variations remain popular.

Desert boots have undergone several modernising transformation. For instance they are now waterproof which makes them ideal as a year round shoe in winter people simply wear thicker socks. The grips on the sole make them ideal for walking in cold weather and prevent slippage on the wet and icy pavements of winter; moreover, because the uppers are high, they prevent water getting into the shoes if the wearer accidently steps in a puddle. Clearly, because they were originally designed for use in the desert, they are ideal as a style of summer footwear.

Desert boots are incredibly versatile as a style of shoe, suiting a wide range of clothing. They look as good with a pair of straight-legged jeans, as they do with a pair of combat trousers. They suit both an informal and a semi-formal setting.

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